Book List  (including some Reviews)

While there are many other excellent books, we have mainly listed those which are brief and to the point, readily available and reasonably priced.

Bible Surveys and Introductions

Through the Ages by A.E.Horton – p 63

Old Testament Survey  –  Law and History (Emmaus) by James Catron – p 128

Old Testament Survey – Poetry and Prophecy (Emmaus) by James Catron – p 97

New Testament Survey (Emmaus) by James Catron – p 140

Bible Commentaries Genesis to Revelation

The Believers Bible Commentary (one vol – p 2390) by William MacDonald  – Read Review

The Bible Knowledge Commentary (Vol 1 O.T.  p 1589   Vol 2 N.T.  p 990) Ed John Walvoord and Roy Zuck


Jesus Christ : God The Son by R.E.Harlow – p 52

His Name The Mighty God by David Boyd long – p 84

Omnicience of Christ – 4 Contributors – p 63

The Infalible Christ – 6 Contributors – p 63

Could God Incarnate Sin? by D.B.Long – p 30

Christ in the old Testament by R.E. Harlow – p 114

Pictures of Christ (From the O.T.) by W.E. Deans – p 69

God The Son (Christ in the O.T.) 8 Contributors – p 95

Prophecies about Christ (Christ in the N.T) by R.E.Harlow – p 89

Basic Bible Doctrines

What the Bible Teaches (Emmaus) Ed. William MacDonald – p 30

Food for New Believers by C.E.Tatham – p 48

Eternal Security by R.E.Harlow – p 79

Can We Know God? by R.E. Harlow – p 89

Key Bible Concepts by David Gooding and John Lennox – p 144

How to Teach the Tabernacle by David Gooding

Evangelical and Outreach

Seeking and Finding God by Dave Hunt –  Read Review

The Bible Myth or Divine Truth by Warren Henderson – Read Review

Creation Evolution

15 Reasons To Take Genesis As History by Don Batten and Jonathan Sarfati – Read Review

Grief and Loss

Hope For Hurting Hearts by  Greg Laurie – p 135  – Read Review

Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting by Doug Kazen – Read Review

Coping With Loss, by Donald Norbie –  Read Review

The Church and Assembly Life

A Call to Simplicity by J B Nicholson, Donald L Norbie, Eward Harlow, John Small – p 40  – Read Review

Scriptural Principals of Gathering by A.P.Gibbs p – 40

In Rememberance of These Things by Hans Bouwman p – 92

The Church of God – 9 Contributers – p 111

I will Build My Church by James Gunn – p 156

The Church and the Churches by W.E. Vine – p 142

The Church a Discipleship Manual by Randy Amos – p 126

The Christian Assembly by J.R. Littleproud – p 200

Church Symbols for Today by N.J. Gourlay – p 300

Christian Baptism by A.P. Gibbs – p 247

Believers Baptism by A P Gibbs – p 36

Buried by Baptism by William MacDonald (Emmaus course) – p 40

Ages, Dispensations and Future Events

Dispensationalism by Charles C. Ryrie – p 250

The Promise of God by George Bristow – p 248

Heres The difference by William MacDonald – p 186

The Glory of the Ages by David Dunlap – p 252 – Read Review 

 The Bible Prophecy Hand Book by John Ecob – p 412  –  Read Review Review 

The Popular Bible Prophecy Commentary –  Ed. Tim LaHaye and  Ed Hindson –   Read Review 

The Popular Encyclopedia Of Bible Prophecy –  Ed. Tim LaHaye and  Ed Hindson –  Read Review 

The Big Picture of Daniel by M A Butler – p 56 –  Read Review 

Outlines in Bible Prophecy by J. W. de Silva – p 238

Understanding End Time Prophecy by Paul N. Benware – p 380

The End Time In Chrorological Order by Ron Rhodes – p 227

God’s Timetable by D. B. Long – p 96

God’s Methods with Man by F. A. Tatford – p 63

Bible Prophecy (Emmaus) by Earnest Tatham – p 50

Charts of Bible Prophecy by H. Wayne House and Randall Price – p 175

Rightly Dividing the Word – Things that Differ – 3 contributers – p 186


Did Christ die only for the Elect? by Charles E Smith – p 16

Biblical Balance on Election and Freewill by 3 Authors – p 70

Chosen in Christ by James L. Crookes – p 88

The Faith of Gods Elect by John F. Parkinson – p 120

Chosen but Free by Norman L. Geisler – p 326

What Love is This by Dave Hunt – p 550

Limiting Omnipotence by David Dunlap – p 284  Read Review    

Israel and Replacement Theology

Preterism Weighed and Found Wanting by John Ecob – p 57

Israel – The Land and the People  by Drew Craig – p 63

Amellennialism Weighed and Found Wanting by John Ecob – p 78

The Coming Apocalypse by Renald E. Showers – p 107

Israel and the Church by Ronald E. Diprose – p 250

The Everlasting Hatred by Hal Lindsey – p 265

Israelology by Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum – p 1012

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit at Work Today by John F. Walvoord – p 63

Are you Spirit Filled? by David Hocking – p 189

Charasmatics – Sign Gifts/Healing etc

All About Speaking in Tongues (have ceased) by Fernand Legrand – p 162 –  Read Review

Someone Please Cry Wolf by David Wilkinson – p 39 –  Read Review 

 The Charismatic Challenge by J.W. de Silve – p 210 –  Read Review 

Strange Fire by John MacArthur – p 361 –  Read Review

Church History

The following four extracts sum up our view of Church History – acknowledging also that the only really accurate and true history of the Church is found in the Bible – firstly covering from Pentecost to the writing of Revelation around 95 to 98 A.D; and further to that as viewed in the seven representative Churches of Revelation Chaps 2 and 3, and their historic and prophetic significance.

A sound understanding of the Scriptures along with a healthy discernment of the past – and the present times in which we live – enables one to gain a better grasp of true Church history than can be gleaned from much of what some have put forth as Church History.

The Big Picture of Church History  by M.A.Butler – p 39 –  Read Review 

The Church Age by A.E.Horton – p 48

The Christian Testimony Through The Ages by T. W. Carron – p 405 –  Read Review

Introduction to Miller’s Church History by Andrew Miller –  Read Review

The Pilgrim Church by E. H Broadbent –  p 440 –  Read Review

Many of the books we have listed above can be bought direct from the writers or through their NZ or global publishing agents as detailed in the below websites we recommend.

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