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The Big Picture of DanielThe Land and People of Israel

Over the years the Queenstown Bible Chapel has hosted gifted speakers from many parts of the world, and have been greatly encouraged by their ministry. Some have written books which we have decided to promote and distribute by starting a small bookshop.

We also want to use our bookstore and website as a portal to inform believers of the many other great books available mainly through ‘assembly publishers’ and ‘assembly websites’. Most of our books are not available through local Christian bookstores.

Our focus is to provide you with books and other resources that will help you share your faith with friends and family and encourage you in your Christian walk. At this point in time, we have not listed commentaries on individual books of the bible, but when asked we are pleased to be able to recommend or to purchase and pass on these at cost.

Our policy is non profit, you will get our books at cost or heavily discounted.

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